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Course Features

Audience Men & Women
Duration 3 Days
Location Ryadh, Saudi Arabia
Max # Students 10
Type Live
Certificate Yes

Instructor:Mayssa Assaf


Course Date:6th, 7th, and 8th of May

Course Time:10:00am Till 5:00pm

7900 SAR

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3 Days Intensive Course

Do you want to become a professional and celebrity stylist and change people’s lives by helping them become more confident to pull off a unique look? This is your golden opportunity to become a certified professional stylist and a celebrity stylist within 3 days after intensive tutoring and training.

The workshop will host a number of guest speakers who are invited to share their knowledge and experiences with the students. These include celebrities, TV presenters, designers, photographers, TikTokers, Instagrammers, marketeers and professional image consultants.

Workshop Specialty:

Intensive workshop, includes two courses:
•Styling Pro Course
•Celebrity Styling Course

The intensive 3-day course is a thoughtfully designed intensive course that encompasses the key learnings from the Styling Pro & Celebrity Styling courses.

Workshop Objectives:

•Become a Certified Styling Professional and celebrity stylist
•Learn all the tricks and techniques of a skilled stylist
•Learn the secrets behind being a successful stylist
•Understand the role of a fashion stylist for celebrities
•Learn the right techniques, the golden rules, and the best-kept secrets of styling celebrities and public figures for every important occasion
•Learn to build a standout image (real and fictional)

Why is this course intense & different ?

At the end of this course, you will graduate with a double knowledge that covers the Basics styling techniques in addition to Celebrity and Entertainment styling techniques that allow you to work as personal shopper, and celebrity stylist with an accredited certification.

Who can attend this workshop?

•Both men & women
•Styling amateurs looking to turn their passion into a career
•Junior and emerging stylists who are seeking a professional certification to increase their credibility
•Certified Professional Stylists

Workshop Benefits

Why should you attend the workshop? Here are some of the many benefits:

•Obtain an accredited Styling Professional Certification
•Start your professional styling career
•Access exclusive tips, secrets and professional insights by top-notch and celebrity guest speakers
•Benefit from a free internship experience at the academy to help you grow
•Receive constant internship opportunities that will be communicated with you that could help you step a foot into a successful styling career
•Receive a year of mentoring with Mayssa Assaf Academy Team
•Gain exposure on the Mayssa Assaf Academy website in the alumni category (upon prior your approval)
•Receive the course materials in soft copy that you can keep with you
•Become part of the alumni and community work with Mayssa Assaf on certain projects
•Participate in styling projects within the academy
•Get pre-Approved access to the database when needed from the academy
•Watch all classes within a year (Online and Live)
•Get mentorship on how to start your business and kick off your career as a stylist
•Receive constant job opportunities through the academy
•Obtain a 10% discount on all courses and modules for a year

Workshop outline (combined courses):

Styling Pro:
How To Become A Professional Stylist

Help People Change Their Lives!

1. Introduction to Styling

What is a Fashion Stylist?

2. Key concepts

Know the difference between Stylist, Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Makeover Expert

3. Setting Objectives: Know Your Purpose

Why do you want to be a stylist?

4. Color Analysis

Harness the powers of colors to your client's advantage
• Personal coloring and contrasts fundamentals (skin, hair, eyes)
• The psychological effects of colors

5. Body Analysis: Creating Balance

How to trick the eye with a game of illusions
• Body types, proportions and silhouettes
• Fabrics, prints, styles and colors per body type
• Facial features and textures
• Fashion patterns and fabrics that flatter your client's features

6. Fashion Styles

Crafting looks based on your client's style personality
• Learn the 6 style personalities
• The importance of knowing your client's style personality
• Unveiling your client's style personality
• The best shopping destinations for every style

7. The Art of Mixing & Matching

Become a Master at Coordinating Different Textures & Colors
• What does mix & match means
• how to mix and match
• Color to keep in mind while mixing and matching

8. Consultation forms

• to identify the client’s personal coloring and identify which colors are the best for them to wear
• to determine their body type or silhouette and then be able to recommend what clothing silhouettes best suit them
• a detailed body analysis should be also include an analysis of the client’s body proportions to determine which cuts look best on them
•an analysis of the client’s fashion style personality so that you will be able to dress them according to their own personal style

9. Ying Yang module

• The yin & yang are representation of femininity and masculinity . in fashion styling, they refer to certain qualities that can be found in a person and that determine whether they have more masculine or feminine features
• if the yang is dominant, then the person’s appearance is more masculine. If the yin is dominant , the person has more feminine features. In some cases , a person can have a balanced yin & yang which reflects a balanced appearance.

10. Generale stylist handbook

•The purpose of this module is to help the student to create their own styling handbook by creating their own identity, using font, color slogan, information that represents them and their vision.

Celebrity Styling:
How to become a stylist in the media and entertainment business

Turn Your Powers Into Magic!

1. Red Carpet Styling

Create knockout looks for stars and celebrities on the red carpet
• Golden styling rules and techniques for the red carpet
• Exclusive tips and tricks to create a top-10 red carpet look
• Getting the right deals and connections to ace your celebrity's red-carpet look
• The Dos and Don'ts of red-carpet styling

2. Introduction to media & entertainment business

• This exciting course by nyc-certified image consultant and celebrity stylist Mayssa assaf has been created to train you on becoming a fashion stylist in the media and entertainment business. It constitutes an essential resource to each and every stylist who wants to have a successful career path.
• enabling you to apply the styling techniques you have acquired in the past different media and entertainment fields, this course features many case studies and assignments that are meant to give you the solid knowledge you need to become a professional celebrity stylists in addition to expanding your imagination and developing the technical and creative skills required to build a person;s unique image.

3. Entertainment styling: movies , series , advertisements and video clips

• How does it really work in this business?
In this type of styling , the only thing that matters is to succeed in creating the required image for the project you are working on, regardless of the type of project.

4. TV Styling

The secrets behind creating TV icons: your guide to TV suitable looks
• Working with TV presenters, show formats, and TV stations policies
• The Dos and Don'ts on-screen
• TV Styling techniques (colors, cuts)
• Achieving overall look harmony (head-to-toe hair, makeup, clothes)
• Getting the right deals and making connections
• The rules and techniques of TV looks
• How to prep a TV appearance, from styling to filing and archiving

Special rates will be applied for groups, students, package beneficiaries, and other applicants according to a case-by-case basis. Please contact our team to check if you’re eligible for special rates on [email protected]

7900 SAR

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