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Hijab Module

Want to be able to style hijabi women?

The Men Styling Module

Want to become a Stylist for Men?

LATEST: Packages and installments information are available in the courses section        The Powers of Styling Masterclass Program - February 19 to March 7        E-Styling Platform - Styling Pro: How to Become a Professional Stylist        أساسيّات الأعمال لمستشاري المظهر كيف تحوّلون شغفكم إلى عملٍ ناجح        Know Where to Start: How to turn your passion into business        The Men Styling Module: Want to become a Stylist for Men?        Hijab Module: Want to be able to style hijabi women?       

Mayssa Assaf Academy

Founded & Managed by Mayssa Assaf

Creator of The Powers of Styling,
the first-ever styling Masterclass Program in the region.

Certified by KHDA (Dubai Government)

After more than 15 years in the styling industry, Dubai-based styling guru Mayssa Assaf is launching a comprehensive and unique styling program in the Middle East by the name of "The Powers of Styling".

This program is meant to help styling amateurs, professionals of all levels, and entrepreneurs reach their full potential through a step-by-step approach that equips them with the right tools, techniques, tips and tricks to achieve their styling objective.

"The Powers of Styling" combines 4 online courses with an exclusive on-ground training featuring expert hands-on advice, clear guidelines, and real-life examples that will contribute to elevating your styling standards.

Styling Courses Offered by Mayssa Assaf.

Available Courses

A Styling Masterclass Program by Mayssa Assaf.

Available Modules to Purchase

The Men Styling Module

Want to become a Stylist for Men?
Here are the essentials you must know to kickoff your career!

Module + 1 hour consultation

TV Styling Module

Become a professional TV stylist? Mayssa Assaf Academy presents an EXCLUSIVE TV Styling Module.

Module + 1 hour consultation

The Men Styling Module & TV Styling Module Package

Purchase The "Men Styling Module" & The "TV Styling Module"

Module + 1 hour consultation

Fashion Styling Kit

Everything the Stylist needs to have in one kit.


The Art of Mixing & Matching Module

Mixing & Matching is an art that not everyone can master.


The Yin & Yang Quality Module

Adding The Yin & Yang concept to your styling knowledge brings a real edge to your professional stylist profile.


The How to Organize Your Closet Module

Styling is not only about creating the best look for your clients, but also, how to help them organize their wardrobe.


The Hair & Makeup Module

A good stylist knows well that styling is not only about coordinating clothes and fashion accessories.


The Facial Features & Textures for Women Module

In the styling world, there are many tricks that a stylist can use to put forward a client’s best features.


The Moodboard Module

The Moodboard module is not only helpful for stylists but also for everyone working in the creative field.


A Styling Masterclass Program by Mayssa Assaf.

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Huda Wanna

I always had a passion for fashion but this course changed the way I look at my wardrobe and the way I dress up. The course is informative and contains lots of tips and techniques that can’t be found in any fashion textbook, but its real value lies in the human touch, care, and commitment provided by Mrs. Mayssa for her students by guiding, supporting, and helping them succeed even after the course is over.


Itaf Kechetban

Mayssa Assaf is a unique brand and a beautiful lady inside out. I had the honor to be part of her professional styling program, which changed many things inside me and unlocked my hidden dream. Her class sheds light on styling techniques, tips, and tricks, all in one program. I now feel confident and ready to kick start my styling career.


Jumana Yunis

No words can express my feelings towards the Power of Styling Courses, but I can summarize them by saying that they were exceptional and unique courses. I have gained new skills which I can benefit from on the personal and professional level. I will no longer waste money and time on clothes that I don’t need or don’t suit my style. I highly appreciate your efforts to make these courses beneficial for me and my passion for fashion.


Najat Al Kandari

I took this course because I wanted to make my dreams come true in a field I’m passionate about. This course was full of rich information, tips, and organized documents with examples and exercises. I am confident and ready to step into the fashion world as a Celebrity Stylist after taking this course with Mayssa Assaf, who was not only our instructor but also our friend.


Nanor Arakelian

In my opinion, The Powers of Styling is a package of passion, professionalism, knowledge, generosity, technical skills, the rich experience of Mayssa Assaf, credibility, beautiful hearts, and professional guests. I feel Lucky to have experienced it all! I am now ready, excited, and qualified to enter the fashion industry Confidentially.


Ruaa Modawi

I decided to take the course after I took a short course on styling and discovered my passion in this field, and how it complements the field of skincare. the classes with Mayssa exceeded my expectations, and after each class, I felt very lucky to be in the right place with the right person. I recommend this course to all those who are passionate about this field because it is an invaluable investment.


Sahar El Baba

I took this course because I am someone very passionate about fashion, and I gained confidence and knowledge on how to style or how to judge the styling of others. What is special about the course is Mayssa herself, she is transparent, honest, and she has continued to support and create opportunities for us even after the course ended.


Tala Tayyan

The Styling Pro course and the Celebrity Styling Course have prepared me to style clients and celebrities for movies, TV, and red carpets, and although it's held online, it's perfectly explained, and inquiries are always answered by the expert Mrs. Mayssa. It’s an experience that I would recommend not only to fashion designers but also to any lady who's keen on elevating her appearance, or that of the people in her community.


Weam Bahashwan

My experience and knowledge in styling increased after getting all the necessary basics and rules of building a clientele and dealing with celebrities professionally. I encourage all my colleagues to take this course with Mayssa Assaf because she is great and she always provides her students with useful information. My goal is to employ my knowledge to help women regain their confidence and happiness by renewing their image.


Hend Attasi

In the past couple of years, I have created social media pages to provide my followers with helpful fashion tips and tricks, so I took this course to broaden my learning when it comes to fashion. I believe this course and my prior knowledge make me very ready to style more clients and continue doing what I love.


Mayssa El Moabbi

I took two courses within the Powers of Styling Masterclass program with Mayssa Assaf. It was such a knowledgeable program which gave me so much insight on what fashion stylists actually work on and the overall process!
The content is well organized and gathered from years of practical experiences with real people, the modules were easy to follow. I loved Mayssa's passion for fashion that were showed in the course, she was so generous.
Now, I really feel confident and competent to step into my dream career and have fun while working with my future clients with all the tools I have. I will help them to discover, to enhance their beauty and become more confident. I went from novice to expert in a few weeks!


Sevine Nsouli

I am very glad and blessed that I ended taking this course with Mayssa herself. She has been a great inspiration, an amazing and enthusiastic mentor and facilitator, a generous person who gave all she had and whatever she felt we needed to pursue our path.
Mayssa always stopped at every instance to make sure we all got it! She constantly invited celebrity speakers to share their experiences and help us connect between fashion theories and real life experiences.
The content of the course was so interesting as well! It was captivating, fun and filled with many fashion theories and live experiences. Thank You Mayssa for believing in me and for opening this door for us. Today I feel ready to move forward in the world of styling.


Arwa Mohamed

I took the Celebrity Styling course in order to understand behind the scenes process of preparing appearances on screen, magazine covers and have the basic steps to build a good image of a celebrity. This course taught me a lot! especially Mayssa’s secrets, tips and tricks in her field of expertise. ،In the future, I aspire to establish a website that provides fashion consultancy services and officially launch in this field.


Patti Kassab

I managed to persuade my passion for styling, fashion and trends by taking The Powers of Styling course with Mayssa.
I found exactly what I was looking for, a professional, high end yet customized, full of study cases, live cases, tips and tricks you can’t find in any book but coming from Mayssa’s great and long experience.
This course opened a new chapter in my life where I can move further with my passion.
Thank you Mayssa for your guidance, lovely spirit, always giving from your heart and most important your professionalism!


Tatiana Daaboul

Fashion started as a passion and joy when it comes to styling and giving fashion tips to my friends and family for certain events which led me to register to the Styling Pro course with Mayssa Assaf.
In this course, Mayssa managed to explain concepts in a very practical way as she also shared with us secrets used in her field of expertise. Taking this course with Mayssa is a blessing. A simple “WOW” is not enough to describe my experience!


Mirna Riman

I took the Styling Pro course with Mayssa and frankly speaking, it was exceptional, not as any other, it is so competent and detailed with lots of Mayssa’s proficient experience and hands on case studies that made me highly capable of pursuing “the image consultant” profession with eager enthusiasm.
My passion and determination coupled with this radical advanced knowledge are my key drivers to continue in changing people's lives achieving their personal identity.