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"Your Styling Adventure Starts Here!"

With over 15 years of expertise in the styling industry, Dubai-based stylist Mayssa Assaf presents the Mayssa Assaf Academy, home to the first masterclass program in the Arab world called "The Powers of Styling."

This comprehensive academy empowers styling enthusiasts, professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs. The program, structured with a step-by-step approach, provides essential tools, techniques, and insider tips for achieving styling objectives. Flexible learning formats include online courses, live sessions, e-learning, and private sessions with Mayssa Assaf.

As a trainee, you can choose courses aligning with your interests, opt for the complete program, individual modules, or private sessions. This holistic journey enables you to:

1. Effectively style yourself with knowledge and techniques.
2. Learn the fundamentals of styling others.
3. Gain insights from one of the region's leading consultants.
4. Develop the skills to become a professional stylist.
5. Kickstart your styling career or establish your own business with a guide on self-promotion, image management, client engagement, partnership building, and more.
6. Acquire tips and tricks for success in today's competitive landscape, including working with celebrities in the entertainment and media industry.
7. Cultivate a unique experience with exclusive training, offering behind-the-scenes access to video shoots, photo sessions, TV programs, and other styling opportunities. Apply theoretical knowledge and build a solid portfolio.

Upon graduation, you become an esteemed member of the alumni team and receive a KHDA certification, further validating your expertise in the field. Discover a transformative journey with Mayssa Assaf Academy, where styling aspirations come to life.