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Course Features

Audience Men & Women
Duration 12 Days
Skill Level Beginner
Max # Students 10
Type Online
Certificate Yes

Instructor:Mayssa Assaf


Course Date:February 19 to March 7

Course Time:6 to 9 pm



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"The Powers of Styling Masterclass Program" combines 3 online courses featuring expert hands-on advice, clear guidelines, and real-life examples which will contribute to elevating your styling standards.

The Powers of Styling

Course One

Styling Pro:
How To Become A Professional Stylist

Help People Change Their Lives!

1- Become a Certified Styling Professional
2- Learn all the tricks and techniques of a skilled stylist
3- Learn the secrets behind being a successful stylist

Course Outline

  • 01Introduction to Styling
  • 02Key Concepts
  • 03Setting Objectives: Know Your Purpose
  • 04Color Analysis
  • 05Body Analysis: Creating Balance
  • 06The Yin & Yang Concept
  • 07Fashion Styles
  • 08Hair & Makeup: The Secrets of the Face
  • 09Closet Design: How to Organize a Wardrobe
  • 10The Art of Mixing & Matching

Course Two

Celebrity Styling:
How to become a stylist in the media and entertainment business

Turn Your Powers Into Magic!

1- Understand the role of a Celebrity Fashion Stylist
2- Learn the right techniques, golden rules, and best-kept secrets of styling celebrities and public figures for every important occasion
3- Learn how to build a standout image for real and fictional characters

Course Outline

  • 01Introduction to Media & Entertainment Styling
  • 02Entertainment Styling
  • 03Red Carpet Styling
  • 04TV Styling
  • 05Photo Shoot Styling
  • 06Public Appearance Styling

Course Three

Know Where to Start:
How to turn your passion into business

Create Your Own Styling Brand!

Learn the exact steps to start building your name in the styling business and confidently kick off your career

Course Outline

  • 01Start Your Styling Career with The Basics
  • 02Grab Opportunities
  • 03Archive Your Experience
  • 04How to become a key social media player in your field
  • 05Invest in Photoshoots
  • 06Know Your Competitors
  • 07Learn How to Pitch & Build Your Network
  • 08Meeting & Working with Clients
  • 09Requesting Loans & Connecting with PR Agencies & Designers

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