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The Men Styling Module

Want to become a Stylist for Men?
Here are the essentials you must know to kick off your career!

Module Introduction:

Men as much as women, care about making an impactful first impression when it comes to their looks and attitude.

With the Men Styling Module, Mayssa Assaf reveals her best-kept secrets regarding Men Styling based on body shapes, proportions, facial features and color contrasts.

Module Objectives:

- Understand how to style men based on their body shape, colors, shapes and proportions
- Understand the role and effect of facial features and textures in men styling
- Understand the ying and yang qualities trick of styling.

Who can purchase this module?

- Certified professional stylists

Key Module Take away:

- Learn the necessary techniques on how to style men based on their body shape, color, facial features and personality
- Distinguish the do’s and don’ts in men styling
- Acquire exclusive tips and tricks for creating an outstanding look

Benefit from the TV & Men Modules PACKAGE

Available Modules to Purchase

Module OneThe Men Styling Module

Become a stylist for men? That’s what you need to know!

Module + 1 hour tutoring with Mayssa Assaf

Module TwoTV Styling Module

Become a professional TV stylist? Mayssa Assaf Academy presents an EXCLUSIVE TV Styling Module.

Module + 1 hour tutoring with Mayssa Assaf

The Men Styling Module + TV Styling Module

Purchase "The Men Styling Module" and "TV Styling Module" and benefit from 20% discount


Fashion Styling Kit

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