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TV Styling Module

Module Introduction:

TV styling differs from regular styling as apparel that looks great in person might not work well on camera as there are strict rules a stylist needs to be aware of before styling for TV appearances.

In fact, everyone standing in front of the camera, such as presenters and reporters, need to pay attention to their overall image and master their body language.

The TV Styling Module includes exclusive tips and insights about creating a correct and successful TV looks for men and women. In addition, you will be equipped with the necessary fashion Dos and Don’ts, seating postures and more. It also includes a detailed outlook on wardrobe essentials for presenters and reporters.

Module Objectives:

In this module, you will acquire everything you need to know from A to Z regarding TV styling:
- Understand the key differences of TV styling from other types of styling
- Learn the necessary and right techniques, essentials, tips and networking skills required as prerequisites in order to become a TV stylist.

Who can purchase this module?

- Certified professional stylists

Key Module Take away:

In this module, you will be learning everything you need to know from A to Z regarding TV styling:
- Successful key industry secrets, tips and tricks
- Learn how to style presenters based on their body shape, skin tone and hair color for a TV appearance.
- Mayssa Assaf’s personal secrets and tips based on her real life styling experience.

Media Styling Handbook

Handbook Introduction:

Media styling differs from general styling as there are many factors a stylist should take into consideration before styling media figures.

Become a professional stylist in the media industry and be on top of your game as a media stylist. Get the chance to learn and unlock styling kit must haves when working with media figures and more all in the Media Styling Handbook.

Handbook Objectives:

- Gain an understanding on the required essentials to be a successful media stylist
- Learn how to build your own signature as a media stylist

Who can purchase this handbook?

- Certified professional stylists

Key handbook Take away:

- Learn how to create an impactful image for presenters
- Acquire the 7 step filing method
- Learn and access styling kit must haves when working with media figures

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Available Modules to Purchase

Module OneThe Men Styling Module

Become a stylist for men? That’s what you need to know!

Module + 1 hour tutoring with Mayssa Assaf

Module TwoTV Styling Module

Become a professional TV stylist? Mayssa Assaf Academy presents an EXCLUSIVE TV Styling Module.

Module + 1 hour tutoring with Mayssa Assaf

The Men Styling Module + TV Styling Module

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Fashion Styling Kit

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