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Fashion Styling Kit

Your Styling Essentials, in One Kit!!

Fashion Styling Kit Introduction:

Everything the Stylist needs to have in one kit?

This styling kit is created after many years of experience & knowledge which have gone into putting together each and every essential and necessary item a stylist might need during styling.

Who can purchase this styling kit?

- Styling Students
- Certified professional stylists

What does the Fashion Styling Kit include?

1.Lint Roller
2.Sewing kit
4.Double Sided tape
5.Muscle tape
6.Silicon Boob Patches
7.Dresser and Pearl Pins
8.Safety pins
10.Wet Wipes
12.Binder Clips/Claws
13.Color Swatch kit

What is each item used for?

1. Lint Roller:
A lint roller is a device that rotates over a surface, collecting lint and other light debris. One popular form of this tool utilizes sheets of sticky paper to pick up the lint.
Lint rollers are absolutely crucial for removing dust, lint and general speckles of dirt from your garments. Before shooting, always make sure you give your product a run through with a lint roller after steaming.
A lint roller is especially needed for darker fabrics where the exposure must be heightened to bring out the details — but not the dust!

2. Sewing Kit (Measuring Tape, Needles, Threads, Chalk, Thread snipper) A sewing kit is a small box containing items, such as needles and thread, that you need in order to sew something.
You never know when a seam might rip or a hem will come undone! As a stylist, a sewing kit is very important to have on set so these mini disasters can be avoided.

3. Steamer:
A fashion stylist's' job is to make his or her client look good, and that means, making sure their clothes look good.
Whether they are on a photoshoot or helping someone put together the best outfit, garments need to be fresh, wrinkle-free and looking like new, the steamer.
This trusty appliance is the stylist's best friend, and has even more super powers than you would expect.

4. Double Sided Tape:
For those times when you need something to sit just so, or to protect modesty when required.

5. Muscle Tape:
Boob tape is used to support all kinds of boobs to wear a backless dress or a big neckline. It is designed to be adhesive to skin and effortlessly holds the shape in place.
This tape is extremely useful for shoots with models.

6. Silicon boob patches:
To preserve modesty and good taste while shooting.
A stylist usually never relies on models to carry fashion basics. Manytimes models fail to bring appropriate inner wear which hampers the look and feel of a particular garment. Stylists always carry silicon cups as well as a nude and white spaghetti tops to be on the safe side!

7. Dresser/Pearl Pins:
Pearl pins are at the top of every stylist’s ‘toolkit essentials’ list. Used primarily to ensure a better fit of the garment. Pearl pins are used for mannequins whereas safety pins are used for model shoots. The former is useful when you want to take pictures of your clothes from different angles.

8. Safety Pins:
Safety pins, an amazing accessory that can be regarded as every girl’s secret best friend.
Throughout our lives, there had been occasions when we thanked the maker of safety pins, and somehow I’m sure there are more to come! From fixing hemlines to saving us from those oops moments, safety pins can offer temporary assistance for all kinds of wardrobe malfunctions.

9. Scissors:
Scissors — or fashion scissors for their size, sharpness and shape — are extremely useful for cutting things like loose threads and labels. Of course, no loose threads or labels should be showing in your images so a quick snip to tidy things up is crucial before you begin shooting.

10. Wet Wipes

11. Hangers:
This one seems like an obvious one but hangers are a must have to keep the creases away. Once ironed, a garment needs to be perfectly hung on one. Folding a garment will always lead to creasing. So, hangers save the hassle of ironing clothes (again!) before the shot.

12. Binger Clips/ Claws:

When pins fail, clamps work wonders! Clamps are used when styling materials such as sheer and net, that could tear easily with the use of pins. Regardless of their size, clamps serve the same purpose as pins but are used to hold different fabrics firmly and give the outfit a more structured fit. While shooting, clamps are a stylist’s best friend!

13. Color swatch kit:
Helps you discover the colors which will allow you to make smart color choices.
Color swatch kit contains two color kits:
1. Warm color
2. Cool Color
3. Gold & Silver metallic drapes

Available Modules to Purchase

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Fashion Styling Kit

Everything the Stylist needs to have in one kit.